Equal Employment Opportunity

It is the policy of the Company to provide equal employment opportunity to all employees and applicants for employment and not to discriminate on any basis prohibited by law, including race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, disability, marital status or veteran status.  It is our intent and desire that equal employment opportunities will be provided in employment, recruitment, selection, compensation, benefits, promotion, demotion, layoff, termination and all other terms and conditions of employment.  The ED and all managerial personnel are committed to this policy and its enforcement.

Some employee benefits and highlights:

  • Employment on an At-Will Basis.  All employees of the company, regardless of their classification or position, are employed on an at-will basis
  • The company provides its full-time employees with paid vacation, sick leave and holidays
  • The company offers health, dental,  life, and other forms of insurance to Full-Time employees
  • A retirement plan is available with a generous company match of up to 5%.  The company will  begin matching contributions up to 5% after 12 months of continuous employment.  Vesting is also quite generous with a 100% vesting of company contributions at onset
  • The company uses electronic bank deposits,  bi-weekly.  This eliminates both drive time and wait time for employees
  • We have several functions for both the staff and clients throughout the year.  We always look for a reason to “celebrate”!
  • We offer several free trainings for staff throughout their service

CCGH is 30 years old with several long-time employees and the overall service average is six years (turnover is less than 15%).  This service longevity serves in its own right to afford each staff member a continuing training experience, maturity, and job sophistication.

Coupling this on-the-job experience with annual training exercises has proven to be an excellent way to maintain and continually improve client care.

Please come by our office at 217 E Beaver Street Siler City, between 8am – 5pm to put in an application with us.